Our Story

A letter from our founder

There are many causes in need of support, so I thank you for choosing one so close to my home and heart. I was raised by a single mother on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana, a community struggling with a 69% unemployment rate. The estimated poverty rate of Native Americans living on reservations is nearly double the national average and the highest in the country.

After my mother moved my brothers and me from the reservation to a nearby town, she continued to emphasize the significance of our history, culture and necessity to give back to our community. Through my desire to follow her teachings, TPMOCS was born.

Our company is founded on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. With your purchase, TPMOCS takes meaningful action to address poverty. By expanding Tribe by Tribe, we will be able to provide employment opportunities and resources to Native American communities in need.

From my family to yours, thank you for helping our team place tools and resources into the hands of some of those most affected by poverty.

Nitsiniiyi'taki (thank you),

Maria Running Fisher Jones

What We Do

Moccasin making is our passion. Over the course of our lives we have been fortunate to wear beautifully handcrafted Native American moccasins and we are excited for your child to experience the same. We hope your little one is able to enjoy the culture, comfort and beauty as much as we have.

Does your purchase make a meaningful impact?

Yes! Each pair sold increases...

Where We Give Back

TPMOCS has teams located in California, Washington and Montana. We are currently dispatching much needed resources on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation located in Northwestern Montana. With your support, we will expand Tribe by Tribe to provide employment opportunities and resources to additional communities in need.

Sizing Chart

Footwear sizing with babies can be such a wild card! Trust us, we feel your pain. But rest assured, we are here to help. The best method to true sizing is to measure your little one's foot and compare it to our moccasin-sizing chart below. In the event you want reassurance, no problem! 

In the event your baby is in-between sizes, we’d suggest ordering the larger size. While leather will stretch with wear, our moccasins are truly handcrafted upon your order by Native American artisans and take up to 2 weeks before completion and shipment. In our opinion, it is better to grow into a pair of moccasins than to receive a pair too small.

Please keep in mind that sizes 0-3 are handcrafted with soft soles. Our sizes 4-7 are handcrafted with hard soles to accommodate those first steps!

Click here to view our printable sizing chart.  

Giving Back

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