How does my purchase help?

It is estimated that the poverty rate of Native Americans living on reservations is the highest in the country, at nearly double the national average. Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of Native American tribes are not wealthy by virtue of government aid or casinos. For many tribes, remotely placed homes and communities hinder economic growth.

TPMOCS is founded on the principle that everyone deserves the same opportunity to succeed. With your purchase, we are able to take meaningful action to address poverty in Native American communities. Our goals are simple. One, employ Native Americans to handcraft every pair of moccasins. Two, use a portion of the profits to purchase clothing and other necessities for underprivileged children living on reservations.  And three, keep our traditions alive and share our history. With your support, TPMOCS will expand Tribe by Tribe to provide employment opportunities and resources to communities in need. 


Can my child wear moccasins if he or she is not Native American?

Yes! Our moccasins should be enjoyed by every child! Our artisans channel their Native American heritage when handcrafting original designs for the world to enjoy. We understand that there are many moccasins for purchase and appreciate your purchase. Our children’s moccasins reflect Native American culture and with each purchase you provide immediate impact to communities in need.


What exactly does “handcrafted by Native Americans” mean?

Every pair of moccasins are cut, punched hole by hole, stitched, sinewed and branded by enrolled tribal members. Simply put, each pair is made with the utmost care, individual attention and love for your child.


Do your moccasins ever sell out?

Some of the materials we use are seasonal and it is possible we may sell out. We are continuously working on new colors to ensure your little one is the coolest baby on the block.


Why are the prices different depending on the size?

Good question! TPMOCS recognizes that as your child grows, he or she will soon be walking on hard surfaces and needs extra protection for the bottom of the feet. Our artisans specially hand cut and place firm, yet flexible, leather outsoles on sizes 4-7 to protect your little one’s feet from hard objects as he or she learns to walk.


TPMOCS offers free customization?! What’s the catch?

No catch! Our moccasins are made upon your order. Just a small thank you for choosing TPMOCS!


Are these moccasin sizes true to fit?

The best method to true sizing is to measure your little one’s foot and compare it to our moccasin sizing page. When in doubt, in our opinion, it is better to grow into a pair of moccasins than to receive a pair too small.


Should my moccasins have a right and left foot?

It depends! Sizes 0-2 do not have a right or left foot. It makes it that much easier to slip them on. Our moccasins are designed to ensure that they do not constrict the feet or toes.

Sizes 3-7 do have a right and left foot. When your child starts to walk, he or she may be best suited to have a “right” and “left” outsole to represent the symmetry and functionality of each individual foot.


What types of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or regular account payments all through PayPal. We currently do not accept payment by check or money order. We do not accept phone orders for credit card protection purposes.


Should I treat my moccasins before wearing them?

We strongly recommend that you spray your moccasins before wear with a leather/suede protector to keep them looking fresh and to protect them against the elements.


I got my moccasins dirty, how should I clean them?

Slightly dirty? We recommend a lightly moistened brush with suede/leather cleaner to loosen and remove dirt and stains by moving the brush in both directions. Allow time to dry and then apply a leather/suede protector to preserve your moccasins.

Your moccasins should never be placed into a washing machine or dryer.



My question isn’t answered in this list where can I go?

No problem! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at support@tpmocs.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Sizing Chart

Footwear sizing with babies can be such a wild card! Trust us, we feel your pain. But rest assured, we are here to help. The best method to true sizing is to measure your little one's foot and compare it to our moccasin-sizing chart below. In the event you want reassurance, no problem! 

In the event your baby is in-between sizes, we’d suggest ordering the larger size. While leather will stretch with wear, our moccasins are truly handcrafted upon your order by Native American artisans and take up to 2 weeks before completion and shipment. In our opinion, it is better to grow into a pair of moccasins than to receive a pair too small.

Please keep in mind that sizes 0-3 are handcrafted with soft soles. Our sizes 4-7 are handcrafted with hard soles to accommodate those first steps!

Click here to view our printable sizing chart.  

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