Blackfeet - Niitsitapi

The Blackfeet consist of approximately 15,000 enrolled tribal members with a majority on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana. Browning, the headquarters of the reservation, is the gateway to Glacier National Park which once belonged to the Blackfeet.

The Blackfeet, a confederation of several tribes extending into Canada, are called “Niitsitapi,” meaning “the real people,” and are known as fierce “Lords of the Plains.” They have always been legendary buffalo hunters, considering the animal sacred and integral to their lives. Blackfeet Indians are commonly thought to have acquired their name because of the characteristic black color of the bottom of their moccasins. One distinct legend holds that the Blackfeet walked through ashes of prairie fires.


The Blackfeet have a long and rich history on the Northern Plains. Archaeologists can trace them through their artifacts and sites for at least a thousand years. According to tribal elders, their people have always lived on the Plains, since the time when “muskrat brought up the mud from under the waters.” The Blackfeet have a keen sense of their history and a respect for their traditions. Both youthful and elder warriors feel it vital to maintain cultural identity and many members do so by using art as a form of expression, preserving Native American ways of life.

Sizing Chart

Footwear sizing with babies can be such a wild card! Trust us, we feel your pain. But rest assured, we are here to help. The best method to true sizing is to measure your little one's foot and compare it to our moccasin-sizing chart below. In the event you want reassurance, no problem! 

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Please keep in mind that sizes 0-3 are handcrafted with soft soles. Our sizes 4-7 are handcrafted with hard soles to accommodate those first steps!

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